• ZimaBoard 832 "Special Agent Kit" - Zima Store Online
  • ZimaBoard 832 "Special Agent Kit" - Zima Store Online
  • ZimaBoard 832 "Special Agent Kit" - Zima Store Online
  • ZimaBoard 832 "Special Agent Kit" - ZimaBoard Official Store

ZimaBoard 832 "Special Agent Kit"

Regular price $599.90


Everything you need to start investigating the cyber world😎

As a product tailored for home services and smart home scenarios, openness and scalability have always been our focus when designing ZimaBoard.

ZimaBoard 832 “Special Agent Kit” allows you to explore a complete range of self hosting functions fully. Two ZimaBoard 832s can separately serve as an OpenWRT/pfSense router and a LAN microserver running Linux Server at the same time.

The kit integrates mainstream PCIe expansion peripherals, covering common scenarios like NVMe SSD, Quad 2.5G Ethernet, 4-channel USB 3.0 and more as you imagine. With the SATA Y Cable and 4K/60p miniDP to HDMI comes in this kit, you can instantly create a multifunctional NAS with dual 2.5" HDD/SSD mounted on ZimaBoard.

We've also designed a unique protector case for the ZimaBoard 832 Special Agent Kit, with both functionality and "vibes" in mind. We hope that this white & silver cyberpunk style, hardshell case with handle will not only protect everything inside, but also give you the stealth agent look wherever you transit, from a random cafe to your own hideout.

Note: Back by popular demand, this is the first time this kit is available individually since its original use case is for media reviews. For this first run, there were 30 kits in customized cases. As a limited-edition product, this kit does not enjoy store promotional discounts.