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SATA Y-Cable for ZimaBoard/ZimaBlade

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We designed the layout of ZimaBoard to be highly compact. Both the compactness of the interface and convenience are concerned. The overall design needs to be light and thin enough to minimize the space occupation of the whole machine and have a certain degree of expansion and expansion. The rear interface still maintains the alignment of the external interface. The design team tried no less than ten different layout methods and finally locked all the existing functional interfaces and layout methods. Among them, the power supply of SATA 3.0 peripherals, only retaining a 4-pin power interface, is a compromise in space.

Michael Waiblinger(backer) put forward the idea of Y-Cable in February through a Y-shaped cable customized to the wire factory to streamline the need for a ZimaBoard to tow 2 HDDs or 2 SSDs. We quickly implemented this idea, found a wire manufacturer, customized a pure black SATA Y-Cable, and optimized the motherboard circuit so that the board's current can support the power consumption of at least two 2.5-inch HDDs. Meet the needs of building an entry-level RAID using FreeNAS and UNRAID.

Note: After a long period of rigorous testing and verification by community users, we confirmed that this Y cable can perfectly support two 3.5-inch HDD drives to work at the same time with the 12V/3A power supply for ZimaBoard.


  • Brand: ZimaBoard
  • Designer: Michael Waiblinger
  • Cable Length: 10cm (3.9 inch)
  • Connector: Dual 22p SATA Connector


  • 1x SATA Y-Cable for ZimaBoard/ZimaBlade