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ZimaBoard Prime Discount Day -14th of Each Month

Celebrate Zimaboard Prime Day!

Date: 14th of each month

Geeks, are you ready? Zimaboard Prime Day is finally here!  

How to become a member?

1. Subscribe to Zimaboard and receive a $10 coupon.

2. Join our Zimaboard Discord community and become one of us.

What festival discounts?

💥 1. Members get exclusive access to super LOW Discounts on all products and limited-time Flash Deals⚡️. 

🎁 2. Lucky buyers will be randomly selected to receive SPECIAL GIFTS

🎊 3. One lucky buyer will win a FREE PURCHASE on Zimaboard Prime Day.

How to get discount?

From14th of each month:

1. Subscribe us to become our member.

2. Choose the products you like in the store to Add to the purchase.

3. Go to the settlement page.

4. Select the PRIME DAY coupon.

5. Make settlement payment.

From March 13th to March 15th, PI DAY Lucky Buyers Announced :


From 3.13~3.15 “PI DAY” Order:

PolyakTim of order number #X342

LaliberteAndrew of order number #X298


On the 14th of every month, Zimaboard Prime Day is waiting for your participation. Geeks, let's experience the most cutting-edge tech product shopping together!