2.5" Hard Disk Stand

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Securely mounts up to two 2.5-in. hard disk drives for convenient expanding storage with ZimaBoard. Ideal for protecting drives during testing, repair, and other applications. Sturdy, flexible construction absorbs shock and vibration. Integrated design stacks to accommodate more drives without compromising the workspace. Compatible with SATA.


  • 2x metal HDD mounting brackets
  • 8x screws
  • 24 x 108 x 1.5 mm


    • 1x 2.5" Hard Disk Stand
    • Mounting brackets and screws

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Todor L. (Katy, US)
    Great Services, high qualty product

    Great product and high quality service.

    Chip C. (Cordova, US)
    Nice little server

    It’s a nice little lab server. I added two 1TB scsi drives. I’m using it to host my frigate nvr with 6 cameras. The case/heat sink gets a little hot so i put the drives in a 3D printed enclosure under it. So far so good.

    Axel B. (Färjestaden, SE)

    I bought these to evaluate for storage and control plane nodes for my k3s cluster. It have been running as single node k3s for about 4 weeks without issues moving the workload of an older intel nuc. With dual sata ports I was able to mirror the disk and use this as primary contact point for minio (s3) for grafana and loki as well as running a standalone Nextcloud and homeassistant. This allowed me to only spin up a storage server for backup nightly and leave zimaboard handle all the 24/7 workload saving ~ 20 watts. It has less ram but handles the static workloads great and will probably buy 2 more for the 24/7 workload in k3s. Wish they came with more ram.

    The build quality was better than expected and heatsink keeps it cool on medium to high load for days in a basement. What I am missing is a diskmount that connect to the board so they can be placed or stacked as one unit.

    Overall good experience but like to see a 16/32 gb ram unit with same power consumption spec and a console port.

    Richard Y.S.T.
    zima board

    At first I don't know what to do with the HD stand. Until I saw a video of it. And I think the stand is more appropriate for SSD. Anyway I bought a SSD for it and it look great. I will put another SSD. But the point is there is no proper casing for the peripheral even the PCIe is hooked to the side of the Zimaboard. I wonder about messing up the external devices when they are left in such a state. Maybe there can be a good design enclosure for Zimaboard and I am sure the community would have come up with one, just that I have no time to google it and also I should get the 8Gb model if I want to use TrueNAS but I will try out the 2GB model to see how it work out. Thanks

    luigino u. (Udine, IT)
    Prima esperienza con Zima Board

    Ottimo prodotto. Acquistato per dei test con Proxmox. L'ideale sarebbe potere avere anche CPU più performanti e maggiore RAM.